Saturday, December 31, 2011


My feeling about New Year's Eve has long been "Been there done that."  Never liked it.   I'd attend parties more as an obligation, or as a way to not feel isolated and pathetic. Many New Year's Eves I spent watching TV and washing my hair.

One notable exception was a year in which I'd undergone a break-up in the fall. That year (1991?  Not even sure!), I forced myself to go to a dance, and, what's more, I decided I could not leave the dance until I had danced with 7 guys. Any adult male counted, but I had to stay until 7 different men had filled spots in my mental dance card. I did it. It took until 2AM, but that also was a good thing. Getting home too early seemed only marginally better than staying home altogether.

I really am just as susceptible as anyone, to the symbolic "fresh new year" thing, though I'd be more inclined to say that the year turns at the solstice.  I've weakly made resolutions, then quit making real ones and made spoof ones, and now I skip it.  Every day is a chance to do my best and some days I do and some days I don't.  That's not likely to change.

I'm blessed with a spouse who's not into New Year's Eve either and we spend a quiet evening. We have to stay awake because the Traditional New Year Phone Calls come in from the kids and sometimes other kin, so going to bed only to be jarred awake by the phone is worse than the tiredness.

I also took some last-day-of-the-year photos today, so here are a few photos of the environs this afternoon:
Camellias starting to bloom
It's camellia season --  they will be loaded with blooms in a couple weeks.

Tiny garden spider babies recently hatched

We fear for these baby garden spiders.  They hatched too soon, but their mom laid the egg sac awfully early and the extended warm weather brought them out.  Even at 16x zoom with camera braced against the porch wall, the photo isn't too clear, but there they are. 

And they're fascinating.  In the picture below, you see this same bunch -- top-center -- with the egg sac that they left, back there in the corner above the door.  They move in a group and are actually not on the ceiling but suspended just underneath it in a group web.
Baby spiders in cluster - top center

Wild grape vines, finished for the year

Annual autumn sea oat wash-in
Every fall,  the sea oats die back and lots of them float in on the tide and get stranded.  I was delighted that this picture really shows the way they get suspended on top of the vegetation.  I'd tried many times to capture that with other cameras!

Scooter accompanied me on my photo shoot.  He makes a nice closing shot.  Happy flip of the calendar, everybody!


Sherwood Harrington said...

I can't remember the last time I went out on New Year's Eve -- I know for sure that Diane and I never have since we've been married, and that goes back 21 years now. We do really like the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, though: all the decorations are still up, but the frantic stuff is over.

Our camellia trees are usually littering the deck by now with big, heavy blossoms -- but the buds haven't popped yet this year. We are also well into what usually is the rainy season here, but it's been dry, dry, dry. Probably a connection in there, don't you think?

Scooter did a good job directing your photography! And that new camera of yours seems to be a gem.

Happy New Year, Ruth!

ronnie said...

We spent a few hours with C. as we always do NYE. I came home quite early - around 8 pm. I prefer a quiet night in these days.

Great shots, Ruth - I second what Sherwood said. And Scooter's looking good, too.

Happy New Year!