Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ship cheaper.

To think -- we used to pay for shipping envelopes and boxes!

We still have to, on some occasions, but clean, dry boxes left from cereal, cookies, and other edibles make good shipping containers for books, magazines and sturdy items, though they're too flimsy for more fragile things.

I just turn them inside out.

MY RECOMMENDATION : SKIP the ones that contained peanut products. Toss 'em out.

I was about to assemble for reuse this box that had held peanut butter cookies, when it occurred to me that an eBay buyer with severe enough peanut allergies might actually react to the trace amounts in the cardboard. This one goes to recycling instead.

And that was today's project.


ronnie said...

God, I may be the Queen of the Cheap Shippers (according to my family) but at least I have a Duchess, or a Lady-in-Waiting, or something.

The crowning glory my family still talks about is when I cut a bubble-wrap kraft envelope in half, and used half of it to send a book to one family member, and half to send a different book to a different family member.

How was I supposed to know they were going to compare notes?

Sherwood Harrington said...

Everybody talks about you, ronnie.

And Ruth, turning them inside-out is a nice touch. Imagine the smiles of surprise when the recipient looks inside the box!