Sunday, March 01, 2009


Transplanted tree update: we were pretty sure it would survive the transplant, even before this, since, though it did thin out a bit, it did not fade away over the winter.

But heartwarming confirmation of its health is now evident. Buds are starting to pop out:


ronnie said...

From the time you posted this until today, I couldn't see it, not at work or at home - I could see the frame around your blog but not your blog posts.

I emailed Sherwood to ask if it was just me or if he couldn't read your blog either. He said that he could read it fine, and he allowed as how perhaps, given the subject matter of this post and the weather we'd been having lately, your blog was being censored at the border lest we lose it completely.

Fortunately with the latest storm a few days behind us, they let it through again, and I have the psychological mettle to read and even appreciate it :)

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

I saw the same thing when i posted it! Twice. But only for a couple minutes. I closed and reloaded the browser and it showed up fine. Today i changed fonts...? That shouldn't alter picture viewing but maybe it got the thing unstuck somehow!

Meanwhile we set records for cold last night. 21 f. in North Myrtle Beach, probably 24-25 here. In coastal SC in March. I just dunno!