Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hot summer day

Sparky, Jake and Sally, 1971, probably August. One nice spot of good shade. That's not photo damage or aging -- i took it through the kitchen window and got a gash of sun glare from the window glass, right through it - would've been such a great picture. If I ever can spring for photo restoration technology I might be able to artificially correct it.


Sally is the tree. I grew up in a family that named things. I come honestly by my weirdness. "Sally" was a tree with personality. For such a small tree, it leaf-ed like crazy. For some reason, its great enthusiasm I guess, this reminded my mother of Sally Brown in Peanuts.

Things have been ... um ... piling up around here, but the scanner is uncovered now!

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southernyankee said...

One more reason to love Canon printers! I love mine. It's the second one I've owned. The first one printed thousands of pages and it would still work except the ink leaks so its too messy.

Perhaps if you pile more books on your Canon you'll get a free replacement from the company after they learn how much weight the poor thing is capable of bearing up under before collapsing into a pile of mush and plastic.

PS: Have you named it yet? How about Charlie Brown?