Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Even here!

Snow. We had about an hour of driving flurries this morning. It was sunny by noon and nothing accumulated, and despite 22° nights coming up, I don't think precipitation is expected.

I'm slowly figuring out how to photograph falling snow. It helps to find a pocket out of the wind, which slows the speed of the stuff so that the camera can catch it. Facing into it helps too, so it's like looking into a starfield simulation.

But you''ll need to zoom these photos to make the flurries visible! It was pretty impressive in real life but doesn't show up well.

(1) The bike path across the marsh, and (2) a shot of Murrells Inlet's Highway 17.

After my stroll out there to the highway, I walked back around the house, where Scooter heard me and left his warm basement to grudgingly accompany me. He feels that it's his duty.

What is this $#!t,
and why are you forcing me out in it?!

The yard.

Please note that I've endured snowflakes on my back for this.
Extra treats will be expected.

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ronnie said...

These are great photos! (Especially those of Scooter, who looks heartily unimpressed. I do hope there were extra treats later.)

I sometimes forget how fun and marvelous and miraculous snow is to people who don't shovel football-fields-full of the stuff every winter. Thanks (to you and Sherwood) for reminding me.