Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November in SC

It really is not endless summer here. In fact we had some nights in the high 30's (fahrenheit) and cold coat-weather days just last week.

What happens here is that weather comes more in spells than in seasons. Single digit nights occur in winter, and days in the 70's are not uncommon any month of the year.

The past couple of days have been in the 70's.

Tomatoes are ripening on our vine. There could be a frost any night now and we have to watch out and go ahead and harvest them, green or not, if frost is due. These 4 (you can't really see the 4th one) will make a nice one-meal batch of fried green tomatoes.

But today, bees were still hanging out in
a sunflower.

Nights are chilly. A housefly takes refuge in a still-blooming rose, and another bud is ready to open. Scooter is more interested in the mice that rustle in the underbrush back there.

We're still seeing butterflies.

AND some fall color. Fall, like everything else southern, ambles slowly through the weeks. No big burst of color, but a flare here and there. This year's drought has affected it too, and has seriously dampened the color, but it's appearing.

All photos taken today, November 20th.


Sherwood Harrington said...

Thanks for walking us around your yard, Ruth!

These are very pleasant pictures to linger over for a peaceful while, and, judging from the non-standard aspect ratios, you had a nice time lingering over them by way of taking care in cropping. What do you use for hardware (camera) and software?

Scooter's tail is fascinating; it looks like it was designed by someone who didn't know what cats' tails actually look like. Cool!

(Off-topic question: Commenting on Ruth's blog is a delight not just because I like her stuff, but because I don't have to jump through any squiggly-letter hoops [or the like] to do so, like I do for others' blogs. I don't see any obvious setting in Blogger that lets me do that with my blog -- so how come Ruth's gets away without that kind of anti-robot comment screening?)

Mike said...

The same day you took those lovely pictures, we had our first snow. As I was wrapping up work last night, the scanner was hopping with reports of cars off the road, including a couple of rollovers.

I was going to stop on the way home and buy tomatoes but decided not to. It seemed like a nice night to just get inside and relax.

Dann said...

Cold rain here in Michigan. A precursor to the snow that will inevitably come.

Or as I've come to call it, 'quilting weather'. [grin]

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Mike and Dann - i haven't had a lot of experience driving in snow or on ice but 4 years in NJ gave me enough to find it very scary. Larry, native NYr (LI), says "You just have to know how to drive in it." Urk!

Sherwood - my camera is basic but good, a Canon PowerShot A75, couple years old.

And my photo program is a very simple version of PhotoImpact that came with ClickArt[tm] software i bought years ago and have reinstalled in computer after computer, because i can practically use it in my sleep!

As for the word verification, it's up there in a tab called 'settings' (in between 'posting' and 'template'). 'Settings' has a tab for 'comments'.

I thought twice about disabling it, but figured spambot stuff is easy to delete, and real people who want to tell me i'm going to hell for my views will happily meet the verification challenge in order to do it, making the exercise fairly useless!

Sherwood Harrington said...

Thanks, Ruth! I just went ahead and disabled the word verification on SherWords.