Thursday, May 31, 2007

The ultimate sin

Google "despair is a sin" and you get some interesting stuff. Supposedly it's not just any sin, it's a huge one. I don't get this idea. I understand that lack of faith in God's design is supposed to be a horrible thing, but my persistent belief in a loving God makes him one who feels our despair along with us and considers it a soul sickness. No, sin is separation from God and is not defined by being fun, but despair carries its own hell in its own right hand.

But to cause despair - to take away anyone's hope, to leave them bereft of any belief in any possibility of justice, any end to their state of helpless limbo, is, to me, the essence of evil. Nothing is a greater horror to the God I believe in, than to see one of us spread despair.

So when anybody says that the current administration has a Christian bone in its collective bod, I boil. From where I sit, no member of the B.AD. has a concept of, or an interest in, the meaning of God or His love.

Well, a smart guy of my acquaintance said it very well, here.

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