Saturday, May 26, 2007

College Life circa 1905. A Letter From Mary.

The Woman's College of Baltimore (which became Goucher College in 1910)
Basketball Team, 1906.
My Great-Aunt Mary Whalen is the second girl from the left.

5 o'clock

Dear Mamma;-

I took Cousin Jamie to the concert Friday night & we both enjoyed it very much. The songs were many of them "local songs" written by Bess De Boer (T.K.Pi [Marion's frat.]) They delt with the standing college jokes and were very funny. This is part of the one called "Forbidden" which was sung with great solemnity by the glee club --

"Forbidden, forbidden to look at a man
except Friday night when you won't if you can.
And then on a Sunday you're left in the lurch
unless your dear sweetheart sits next you in church."

(The girls may have callers on Friday night alone--never on Sunday)

"Forbidden, forbidden, forbidden are we
to do this thing and that thing and the other thing, ah me!
Of every sweet privilege we are bereft
'Till singing in chapel is all that we're left."

They sang a song called "girls will be girls" of which the chorus of the last verse (in which the fighting, rolling, thumping, of a basketball game was told) was

"Girls will be boys, girls will be boys
The world may change and things seem strange
but girls will still be boys."

The songs "took" remarkably well. Oh i did enjoy the concert so!

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