Sunday, June 03, 2007

Storm Day

You know it's been killer-dry for too long, when two ordinary rainy days seem like heaven. We didn't have the wildfires that have plagued Georgia and Florida, just endless dry that approached drought status. Yesterday, thanks to Tropical Storm Barry, it broke. Day One was a soaking blustery Saturday, with a wonderful sleeping-night of gusting wind pelting the walls with rain. Today the center had moved a little north of us, and the tatters it dragged behind swept over, one after another, alternating with bright blue sky and sun.

But, like typical self-centered hoomans, we failed to appreciate What Really Matters - it has inconvenienced Scooter.

Here, he reluctantly takes a walk with me during a break between rain spatters, but he's not happy about it. While he is very Tough and Manly, he does not care for wind, nor does he wish to endure the discomfort of Becoming Dampened.

He lived indoors for a year, but could not be integrated with The Colony. We're reluctantly facing the fact that Little Graymatter, the Queen of Everything, hates cats. All of them.
Which is fine with Scooter, who'd rather be out roaming the woods around us. He's never far away though. He's verging on elderly, and likes to bed comfortably down on blankets in the garage at night, safe from raccoons and other gangster-types, and provided with fresh water and kibble. It works for everybody.
The garage is our work area for the business so he sees a lot of us, but in nice weather it's more of a check-in. "Scratch me. Thanks, gotta go chase squirrels." But during inclement weather he is in all day and we are expected to entertain him accordingly. My failure to revolve around him today was noted. In his opinion, the least I could do was to walk around continuously and let him trip me.

Oh forget it, you're much too boring.

I've bid the storm a reluctant farewell, but tomorrow will be made-to-order for Scooter and that, after all, is what really matters.

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