Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We'll call it a Learning Experience

The First Afghan is finished.  It's the 4th one I ever attempted, but the first one I ever completed; in fact, it's the first one that ever got past 6 inches, before I abandoned them.

And it is beyond ridiculous.  Here I've spread it across a double bed so you can see that it's the Babe The Blue Ox of Afghans.

I know yall won't think it's stupid-looking, and if I had intended it be be as big as a DOUBLE bedspread, then that would be cool.  But I didn't.  I intended it to be about 5x7 feet.  But it somehow grew to double-bed size.  It took forever.  And never, ever again will I let that happen.  I'm also not entirely pleased with the pattern, but it's OK. I'd like to have inserted a couple more green squares and broken up that big dull medium blue expanse, but it's pretty nice, plus it taught me some things.

Meanwhile, here's a cool thing.  My grandmother's sewing cabinet, which was later my mother's sewing cabinet (even sewing-averse people have to put on a button or something at times) is over at Dad's/Mom's house, and in it I just discovered my great grandmother's crochet hook.

I'm making an assumption that it was hers, since my grandmother did knit and do needlepoint, but I'm not aware that she ever crocheted.  Either way, it belonged to one of them.

Back home in my own venerable junk, I also turned up a bundle of my own crochet hooks from circa 1970.  One of them, a "size 00" , is almost a duplicate of Gran-or-Granny's.

But not quite.  And I will never get the two mixed up because thanks to inflation -- something I'll probably never again have occasion to say -- they are clearly from different decades:

If you can't read the prices, the photo should enlarge enough for you to see them if you click and "view photo."


ronnie said...

I love the afghan. I love it mostly because it is just astonishing that you created it. It's BIG! I think it's perfect just the way it is. "The way things worked out" is perfect sometimes.

You can certainly see the prices when you click on the photo. 15c vs 35c. Inflation.

My only regret is that I can't point you to a photo I saw on Twitter earlier this week. (And I couldn't find it by Googling.) The tweet was "Real Bros Crochet" and the linked photo was of an African-American man of some presence, snapped on a subway, dressed head-to-toe in yellow crocheted clothing, earnestly crocheting as he rode.

Needlework links us all.

Sherwood Harrington said...

Excellent post, excellent afghan, excellent ronniecat comment. I got nothin' to add except that the Ft. Harrington critters would love the afghan, too.

Dann said...

That's a great looking afghan. Although the time required reminds me of why I quilt instead!

Congrats on completing such a great piece.