Thursday, November 17, 2011

OK, the zoom is mindblowing

My new camera offers  - it says on the case -  a "4x optical zoom."  That's one reason I picked it over another similar PowerShot that had only the same 3.5 zoom that my old one had.

So I'm standing around taking outdoor pictures a couple days ago.....

.... and I noticed people out in the marsh oystering, which they do at low tide.  I thought I'd see if the 4x got enough detail to show what's going on out there.  I hit the zoom lever and it crept up to 4x, then hesitated.  Before I could think to let go of the lever, it started up again and kept zooming until the display told me it was giving me 16x.

I.  am.  in.  awe.
Here's another one.  From this:


My happiness level with the new PowerShot is increasing.  A lot.


Ronnie said...

Just WOW

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

I have this nagging feeling that they sold me this thing by mistake, and that one evening the doorbell will ring and it will be some men in black suits saying "We're here to take your unauthorized camera."

ronnie said...

That's amazing! Who makes the Powershot? Husband's in the market for a camera, I believe.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

ronnie - This is the one:
Canon PowerShot A2200
...with a pretty bad user review there at yahoo!shopping.

The reviewer was in an understandably bad mood, but some of his ratings are just untrue. For one, this camera has very minimal shutter lag, which is nice. I find some of my daylight shots overbright and washed out, as he did, but i *know* i saw brightness adjustment somewhere in the menu, which would probably solve his problem. He says he tried the programs, but there are also more advanced user settings on the menus. I might add a review once i look up the how-to (and employ it myself).

It's basic, but to me it's good-basic.

Sherwood Harrington said...

ronnie, I'm a big fan of Canon's Powershot series. When Diane and I went to NYC in March for our 20th anniversary getaway, the only camera we took was her Powershot, an older model than Ruth's. You can see some of the results here.

We didn't mess with any menus, and (except for a little cropping and the couple or three panoramas that were stitched together with Photoshop) the photos you see on that link are straight out of the camera. There's even a short videoclip there that was taken with the little marvel.

An excellent, well-priced tool in my estimation.

ronnie said...

Ruth, Sherwood, thanks to both of you for your Powershot reviews. I will pass them along. Looks good!