Saturday, November 12, 2011

My little love and I

 I love it. I'm keeping it.

My beloved camera is what I'm talking about.  My dear 2004 Canon PowerShot.  Heavy as a hand grenade, took great pictures in its prime.  It's having trouble now.  Every shoot has more unusable shots.

In each shoot, more turn out like this.

So I had to get another camera, and I went with another PowerShot since I liked the last one so much.  Below are a few from the first batch of photos. 

Good, because I could get a photo when I tried to get a photo.  Not good, in that I'm not happy with them.  I was hoping the old Canon would last until I could get a true upgrade, but it wasn't meant to be.

Still, taking pictures is fun again.

The first photo, of course, had to be of The Boss.

Oysters in the creek at low tide.  This one's OK.

Gone to seed

Fun book!

If you have to go away...I'll leave your shoes beside the bed.

Several of these were taken at Dad's house.

About 4:30 PM, sun sinking, golden fall marsh and flag on 11-11.  This is the only one that turned out as nice as I'd hoped.

The grocery store didn't charge me for either of these 2 little potted mums, since they were nearly dead.  One has succumbed but the other is reviving.

And maybe I'll gain mastery over the settings on this camera and get sharper images.  If all else fails, I can read the manual!


ronnie said...

I like them! Keep playing with it until you're happy. But these are nice results.

Sherwood Harrington said...

As ronnie says, these are nice results -- VERY nice results. The definition seems very good all the way out to the edge of the frames, and the colors look very good, at least on my monitor. I'm especially fond of the one of the marsh and flag -- and, of course, of the one of Downyflake. Can't have a run with a new camera without at least one picture of a good cat.

Diane swears by her Canon Powershot, and I can't disagree. It served us well in NYC last March where I didn't want to be lugging around the bulky SLR.

Christy said...

The pictures look great! (And nice Amy Grant reference, by the way!)