Sunday, April 24, 2011

The thing that is hid bringeth He forth to light -Job 28:11

I do hope my readers are having a happier Easter than the Big Ass Sandwich Company is having.

This eatery is ... was right down the road in my little town. This morning we got detoured around a roadblock with lots of emergency vehicles flashing lights ahead of us, and wondered what was up.

Turns out the building burned in the early morning.

And revealed some .... undocumented .... poker machines. In the attic. Their charred remains lift their faces to the morning sun.


But, really, I mean, it's an old building and I'm sure that some previous owner just left them there in the attic when they became illegal a few years back.

Yeah. Yeah, that's it.


ronnie said...

OOOooooh. Always fun when the skeletons fall out of the closets!

Sherwood Harrington said...

This is hilarious. Fittingly titled, too.

southernyankee said...

Next time they'll use a mobile phone link for their, um not quite legal activities, or rent out laptops, or something like that. So much safer, so much more intimate. Nothing like hands on gamblin' I always say ;o)

Lest we now know why not having a full house (no pun intended, honestly) at lunch hour wasn't such a bad thing.

Oops! Is that a S.L.E.D. vehicle pulling in at the right side of the picture?