Sunday, May 16, 2010

More sleep would help

This is gonna be one of those How I Spent My Week entries.

Saturday, May 8:

Harley-Davidson Bike Week is beginning. It happens every May. It is not a "week." It's 3 weeks. The roaring goes on most of the night. The rest of this week will take place under a lack of sleep. But, hey, there's nothing in particular going on.....

2PM: I get some ice out of the standing freezer. I walk away, expecting the freezer door to close itself as always. 8 hours later, at bedtime, I go back in (It's in the laundry room) and there it is. Caught on a wastebasket. Wide open. Much meltwater on the floor.

The outmoded technology of the freezer, combined with my laziness has had a benefit. It's an oldie, and needs defrosting. I haven't done that in 4 years. The ice buildup is still partly intact and some stuff still frozen. This only reinforces my belief that procrastination pays.

A large turkey has started to thaw, meaning I need to move it to the fridge, meaning I need to rearrange the fridge. I salvage some important stuff, but Larry's foot-tall snowman, made from the recent rare snowfall, is now a puddle in an aluminum pan, which is genuinely upsetting. The rest -- OK, if i close the freezer everything will refreeze and I won't know what came through and what has merely refrozen. But too much of the contents were expired items that needed throwing out anyway, and I am frikkin-A going to bed and not starting a piece-by-piece assessment tonight.

Sunday, Mother's Day. My father makes a wonderful cassoulet for dinner and gives us some. He's done a lot of cooking for 40 years now. He likes it. I can't even get him to stop, but I try to reciprocate more. Then I do some long-overdue cleanup of the laundry room. Larry has heavy-duty yard and garden work on his plate.

Monday -- A major rethawing and disposal of other freezer contents. Any leftover time is devoted to editing TWO book projects. One (my novel's final event) involves rewriting. The other involves searching through a lot of books for material. You'll get the particulars on that one, within 2-3 weeks. I think. The way things are going, don't hold me to that.

And: Oh crap, I have unpaid bills!

Tuesday -- A lot of business shipping to do (People are buying stuff!! Thank you, God!) Then it's roast-the-turkey time. I make a full dinner of it and take some to the 'rents. More editing.

Wednesday -- Mom has a doctor's appointment in Conway, about a 45-min drive. While she was getting ready to go, I had perused their bookshelves and borrowed a C. S. Lewis book, to see what Lewis said about "The World's Last Night." We get onto the Bible topic while I drive. I hadn't realized that the Rapture wasn't mentioned as such in any of the apocalyptic material, only by St. Paul in a letter. "Where did he get the idea?" I muse and she immediately answers, "He was referring to Matthew, where Jesus says 'Two will be in the field, and one will be taken and one will remain.'" I love talking to her about this stuff. She and I are spiritually on so much the same page, both irritated by the same negative, punishment-oriented, simpleminded interpretations, though she's a nicer person. I attempt to read while Fox News intrudes on the blaring waiting-room TV. I despise TV being forced on everyone in waiting rooms. The world hates readers.

Thursday -- Like a Mature, Responsible Old Person, I've given in and made my appointment for the [bleeping] routine colonoscopy, so this is the day of my pre-procedure consult. I sign in and am told that the insurance company will declare anything it turns up a "pre-existing condition" because we changed insurance last August. I cancel and set a September date.

I come home, eat too many potato chips out of frustration, and we pack the items we've sold for another (yes!) big shipping day.

Friday -- After we have a wonderful breakfast of Larry's blueberry pancakes, Larry heads alone to the PO and grocery store, and I head off with Mom for a different doctor's appointment. This waiting room also has a blaring TV, but it's tuned to Cartoon Network.

Back in my chair, I sigh. All kinds of intriguing audio/video offerings are getting posted by my friends on their blogs and Facebook. Problem is, all my editing has to be done on the old soundless PC. I plug in the Mac briefly and catch some of them. The phone rings. My brother, I'm told, will arrive after midnight. We are the Guest Quarters. Nothing is ready for a guest.

I have a few guest-prep duties, but most of it falls on Larry. He does a lot of laundry and cleaning anyway, and this week - oy. Anyway, those done, it's back to WinDuhs and my word processor. I've made time this week to pointlessly argue online but not to have fun. I decide to look over drafts of unfinished blog posts for something I can give a quick going over and post without much effort.

Another Saturday, and this enormous turkey will never end. Saturday is devoted to picking it over and making turkey pot pie, then dumping as much of the carcass as will fit into the crockpot for stock. I. Am. Sick. Of. Turkey. I make two pies and take one to the parents. My brother's one-night visit ends, but he's always fun and it saved us $8.00, or whatever the postage would have been, since we could send our nephew's birthday gift back with my bro. instead of having to mail it!

I wanted to get him the Leggo Taliban Hideout, but they were out of them, so I had to settle for a different set. OK, I'm lying. There is no such Leggo set. Anyway, I love getting out of the packing as much as I love saving the 8 bucks.

Sunday -- and I do nothing but edit. And obey the head-scratching orders of 3 demanding cats. Maybe tonight we'll get some rain which will keep the motorcycles off the roads and let us sleep.

Good night.


Catherine said...


Mike Peterson said...

Haven't seen TVs in medical waiting rooms yet, except the ER back in Glens Falls, where perhaps it numbs the pain. Or maybe it's so the people who had to wait can watch the news and see why those other people got in ahead of them. However, I have trodden miles in airports in search of silence, with only mild success.

In this economy, I can't travel or visit the doctor, but I guess I can afford to wait.

Sherwood Harrington said...

In the Wednesday and Friday parts, you mention Fox News and the Cartoon Network as if they are two different things. Have I been missing something?

A very engaging post, Ruth. Thanks!

Christy said...

Dang, I need a nap after reading that. And I totally agree about the TV's in waiting rooms. I was in a waiting room today and if I never hear anything out of Hoda or Kathie Lee again it will be too soon. I just wanted to read my book!

Hope the turkey's gone.

Dann said...

"...both irritated by the same negative, punishment-oriented, simpleminded interpretations..."

I know!!

Like the high-handed and judgmental folks that want to tax the rich into poverty.


Hope the bikes go away soon.


Mike Peterson said...

I dated a woman for a short time who had real contempt for the rallies of people our age who would sweep into town on motorcycles with teddy bears on the back and suchlike.

Turns out she originally rode with the guys who didn't have teddy bears on their bikes. There was a memorable evening when I brought her up to my (Navy veteran) son's home, and she and a buddy of his spent some time comparing tattoos.

We never quite connected, but I've retained her sensual contempt for weekend bikers.

southernyankee said...

Good one Sherwood!

I once worked for a man who stated that if you took all of the money from everyone and spread it around equally, in time those who once had the most would do so again. They, he went on, knew how to make money, not spend it.
Now that's what I, a left-handed person considers left-handed logic.