Saturday, May 08, 2010


Larry and I got married in a real church and everything, so we had to fill out the Episcopal Church's questionnaire to assure it, and incidentally, us, that we really knew each other well enough. We got a high score. But they forgot to ask the question that would have docked us a point.

Greeting Card Style. Every family has its own special-occasion traditions and, as we discovered, greeting card style was very different in our families. In his, cards are beautiful and serious. In mine, a greeting card must, always, be funny. After some adjustment to each other's card styles, we managed to meld our inherited styles nicely.

Each mom gets the appropriate card type, and I liked the one for my mother so much, thought I'd share. Click to enlarge if you like. By American Greetings, available at the nearest K-mart.


Christy said...

Love this!

ronnie said...

Me too!

God, I love being a grown-up.