Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow and shirtsleeves. Kind of.

All right, two long sleeve shirts are a couple increments heavier than "shirtsleeves." But this is a strange snow "storm".

At 6:45 PM, I went outside to lock up the car. A few raindrops had fallen on the walkway.

I was not uncomfortably cold, even as I was dressed, in a double layer of longsleeve shirts, and sweatpants. No coat. I dawdled, petted a grumpy Scooter The Cat, who flopped onto the damp driveway and rolled to Cute me into letting him in. I apologized to him for not bringing out the key to his downstairs foyer.

If I could be that comfortable without a coat, I figured that any snow we got would be late-night, after the temp dropped.

At 7:00 PM Larry looked out and said, "It's snowing."

The car was already coated.

We both ran for our cameras. And I discovered something totally cool. Last year's snow flurries barely showed up in pictures, but night photography makes all the difference -- the flash captures the flakes in midair!

But this is decidedly strange. I was out there, again, coatless, snapping snowfall pix. My hands got cold but i was otherwise not too uncomfortable, even hanging out on the porch for a photography session.

Check out the snow layer that built up on the car in only 15 minutes! If it rains later, it will all wash away, but the radar sure looks like more is coming. This might be interesting.


UPDATE -- 10:00 PM :

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