Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To an Old Love

Corn syrup solids ne'er more brightly dyed!
Confection once belovéd, not despised!

Young alchemists, we bit each layer to savour
each subtle nuance of each colour's flavour.
Yet such restraint, our passion must defeat.
We'd by the fistful cram ourselves with sweet.
Thou caked among our teeth, we'd ram our tongues
thy sug'ry mortar to dislodge therefrom!

O how we loved and gorged ourselves on thee!
O! fickle lovers? never would we be!

But lo, now others fly to other Chews
of faddish shapes and flavours, garish hues,
and in their shadow thou hast come to rest
like fruitcake, an obligatory guest
derided and dismissed, at Hallow's Fest!

But thou deservest better, for the years
of joy thou gavest us, despite our tears
when sentence harsh the dentist would pronounce -
Sweet memories those sorrows surely trounce!

They err who treat their early love with scorn.
For first loves merely sleep and are reborn!


Sherwood Harrington said...







Whew. I'd keep it up, but I've got to go to the little store out on highway 9 right now to get as many little bags of candy corn as they have left on their candy-bag hanger. Immediately.

southernyankee said...

Agree with Sherwood. Must resist the urge to eat too much sugar. Must resist. . .biting off one layer at the time? Oh God, I'm lost. The devil made me do it, I have to, no I can resist. . .Ahhhhhhh!