Monday, January 05, 2009

OK, it's getting weird now

The Christmas photos have been piling up in my camera, unexamined until last night. I didn't think I'd succeeded at catching the yellow butterfly (December 26th) with the camera, but wow, there he is.

And then, there's today. January 5th. I have seen four butterflies today(!), though I only caught these two lookalikes "on chip."

The 2 that I did not get in photos were another yellow sulphur and an orange one.

And this is getting weird. They should all have disappeared a month ago. Today, it's 70°f, and that's strange in itself -- sure, 70° days pop up all year, but as exceptions, not as such regular events -- but where did the butterflies go on those 30° nights?!

The warm weather is lovely. It's cheering. It keeps our power bill down and that's extremely nice right now, but it is not normal.

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ronnie said...

70°f?? That's 21°c!!! Oh, my LORD, how I envy you!

Of course, we're both doing a lot better than my friend R. in Saskatchewan, where they're in the middle of an extreme cold weather alert, and where the temperature yesterday with windchill hit -49°c (-56°f)!