Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'll be home with a book, but....

Have a fun New Year's Eve, yall .... and a great new year!



ronnie said...

This very funny image reminds me of one of the lines in It's a Wonderful Life which always makes me laugh out loud: One of the Baily kids asks Mary, "Should we pray for Daddy, Mommy?" and Mary replies, "Yes, dear. Pray. Pray very hard!"

A very Happy New Year to you and Larry and everyone you love.


Christy said...

You should warn your readers that what they are about to read is very, very funny and if a reader has had several children and needs to prepare herself to laugh or sneeze she should assume said position before reading the post.

Too funny!

Happy New Year.

Mike said...

Where'd you find the picture of my sister?