Saturday, October 13, 2012

Everything old is...still old, but spruced up!

They're new bikes.....!  Wait! No! They're old bikes, refurbished!
And nicely.  Not only does GS Bicycles sell swank new bikes for both athletes and comfort-riders, but they'll restore your old ones with quality parts.

I won't pretend that I didn't look on the new ones with a little lust in my heart.  To be more accurate, I lifted one of the new ones and its light weight sparked lust in my heart.  The Trek Larry uses is 18 years old, and my Schwinn is 15, both very well built, but not exactly Space Age high tech metals.  I figure I'll burn extra calories just propelling its poundage down the path.

It's OK. I love my old bike.  I loved it when I bought it, and its association with our much-missed NJ house adds to that.

And my cycling has been sporadic, so until I figure out whether I'll actually get serious about it, refurbishment made sense.

But man, the search goes on for a form of exercise that I don't loathe!


Dann said...

Have you considered kayaking? Given your proximity to water, I would think that kayaking would be a natural.

Christy Duffy said...

If you find an exercise you enjoy, let me know!

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Dann - I hadn't really, but in the right place it might be fun. I have to avoid being out in full sun. Younger Daughter is very into it and the mountainous areas we're thinking on living in are full of parks and bodies of water that are advertised as great for kayaking and might be shady enough.

Christy - Believe me, I'll post if i do! Actually i used to love racquetball, but only a rule-breaking version we played, which was to keep bashing the ball till it stops, no matter how many bounces it's taken. No scoring. Now that's some exercise and fun too. A non-skilled player will hardly get any exercise in real games, because i did nothing but stop and change servers, if i played by the real rules! If there were a free court around, i'd be doing no-rules racquetball!

ronnie said...

"But man, the search goes on for a form of exercise that I don't loathe!"

Times ten.

Dann said...

If you ever wander into lower mid-Michigan, I'll take you out on smooth water and you'll have a grand time. We can fish if you are into that. Or we can slog down streams.

And none of it is "rough". As close as you live to wetlands, I'd think it would be a perfect fit.

We'll even have to fix you up with a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off you.