Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In which I give appallingly short shrift to a lovely Valentine's Day, to rant about tofu

I had a delightful Valentine's Day, and really should spend this entry writing about it, but then again, a picture is worth a thousand words,
 ...and it is also Tuesday.  And it is a Tuesday that practically requires a Temperamental entry because I decided to eat a nice healthy dinner to make up for chocolate indulgence, and there, neatly hidden in my frozen dinner, unsought, was:


I hate tofu.

Lurking on line 4

It certainly ought to be declared a lot more clearly.  Like on the front of the box.  Sure, it's lurking in the back-panel ingredients list, but part of what's so deceptive about this is that, in some products by this same company, it is listed on the front.

So I naturally think, well then, these other products don't include it!  Right?

OK, OK, I should have read the entire ingredient label there in Kroger, but tofu is used for protein, and these are bean dishes. Who expects the stuff to be added to foods already full of black and pinto beans, not mention (in one of them) cheese?  Is it just a health-food icon?  Do they think the word "tofu" dings a little Pavlovian bell in shoppers' heads to make them chirp "healthy!" in a sort of autoresponse?

I don't know, but tofu is soy and soy disagrees with me, though mildly enough to let me eat the dish if I perform tofu removal.  I'm glad it's mild because soy seems to be in every freakin thing under the sun.  People who have serious reactions to it must have a difficult time.

But this is twice in a week ....

End of line 5

that I've found myself missing the murder on our dinnertime viewing of CSI: Miami while I tediously pick the unappealing fleshy little bits out of my bleepin' dinner.

I'm happy to say that I lucked into one of their products that's Tofu-Free.

Where were we....?  Oh, Valentine's Day!  It was wonderful.  I have a husband who knows me well.


Sherwood Harrington said...

Excellent tofu rant, great pictures (except the chocolates because of this envy thing I have), nice sentiments about sentiment, etc.

But what really tickles me about this post is a little throwaway line, a delicious petty vice... CSI: Miami. The scenery is gorgeous, the plots outrageously over the top, and David Caruso is the greatest scenery-chewer of all time, better even than William Shatner.

Have you ever seen Jim Carrey's sendup? If not, carve out two minutes, and have a blast with this.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

*LOL!* OK, Carrey's sendup was right-on. It's not just the sunglasses, it's the way he takes them off.

And at the rate that i'm having to ration the chocolates, i have an envy thing going on too.