Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ALL right, TO your corners!

Let me back in! I'm the Good one,
she's the Bad one, remember??

I don't know what's gotten into our Beloved Cat Family lately, but maybe the change of seasons affects animals in ways that make them feistier, more restless....or something. Our long-ago vet explained the howling-at-dawn behavior: Outside, they perceive animals waking up and moving around, and the daytime species get active. Spring might be doing the same thing. Gearing up the territorial instinct or something.

Graymatter and Downyflake have never had much sibling love. They grew up together from adoptable-age kittenhood, and it was kind of a disappointment to us how little they wanted to do with each other. We mostly blame Graymatter, who is completely intolerant of any other cat she did not grow up with. But Downy gets fed up too, and plots little revenges. Lurks behind chairs to pop out and smack her. Trapped her in a corner of the bathroom the other day, and just lay down. "You can't get past me. I can just lounge casually right here...."

There's been an escalation lately. This morning they got into a yowling, fur-flying thing and we exiled Downy to the porch. Was it his fault? Who knows? He was the one we could catch.

As Downy takes a rest from his protest, Graymatter gets behind the curtain to check him out.

It seems to have helped. As much as The Bitchlet dislikes him, cats dislike change even more, so we let him back in, and she seemed to find having him around a little more tolerable.

For the time being.


Dann said...

I don't suppose I could interest you in a canine companion of sufficient size and temperament to relieve you of your feline troubles? Hmmmmmm??????

Just kidding. Hope the fur doesn't fly too far.

ronnie said...

You described the relationship between Veronica and Mojo perfectly. Veronica ignored him at best and saw him as a nuisance at worst, and he, too, would "poke" her to annoy her. They got into a couple of fur-flying scraps, but they never lasted long enough to require separation until just before Veronica got sick. Maybe they sensed something was changing, I don't know. It's disconcerting. It's a large part of the reason we are not considering getting another cat now to keep Mojo company. Experience tells us one might be just as much a nuisance to him as a companion. The complexities of cats!

Sherwood Harrington said...

Methinks that to help him recover from this trauma, Downy deserves an invitation to do a guest-post over on "i am mojo!"

Oh, and Dann, we have one of those dogs. He provides much entertainment and hilarity for the cats whenever he goes into his cat-cop routine. Doesn't work.

downyflake01 said...

O i has a blog, only i can't ever write there, mom sez it is just to use for sign-in ID, and that I cant blog cuz she needs teh computer all day for Vry Important Busness matters. That is a LIE, she has time for reading bunch of comics and endless browzing boring handbags on eebay, but no, i can't have it to post. An she wonders why i am in Bad Mood. I'm at mercy of teh opressors all hte time.