Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunshine. Again.

Does it get any more mundane or impersonal than a weather post? Well, I am sick of chirpy sunshine and I'm starting to take it personally.

Over and over, the forecast tells us we'll get a storm. What's more, over and over, the weather radar will show a big ol' Jabba The Hut of a storm system heading right for us.

So I act like it's real. I finish using the dryer or the stove. I shower early so as to not get fried by a lightning strike. I wrap up computer activities and shut down. We decide not to set the trap for our latest intrusive raccoon that night since the poor thing would sit out in a storm in a metal trap.

Then we wait. And the storm vanishes. It breaks up, or rains itself out before it gets here, or shrinks to a tiny green/yellow (green for light-to-moderate rain, yellow for heavy rain) blip on the radar that now misses us.

Last night, the big green-and-yellow Symbolic Storm was churning across the radar map, bearing down. No rain or electrical rumbling all night. Overcast all day today, until about 3PM and then the blasted sun came out.


We get an odd shower, so it's not like we're under some kind of dark-fantasy-novel curse but it's not enough.

I like storms, and I even like simple dreary rainy days. Even I can get too much of that but my tolerance level for cloudiness is very high. I'm not a sunny person. I feel affirmed and nurtured by grouchy weather.

We'd need rain whether I liked it or not, though. I. Am. Sick. of pretty pretty pretty, sunny sunny sunny. Maybe I should go outside and wash the car.

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Mike said...

It could be worse. My son lived in San Diego for awhile. The weather report there was purely pro-forma -- every day was sunny and mild.

As he would say on the phone, "Another damn day in paradise." After awhile, he couldn't take it anymore and returned to the Northeast.