Friday, April 23, 2010

How Not To Get Any Work Done, part 832

He was beginning to regret terminating his psychotherapy. The white discs were back.


No, I did not make up that funny caption. The creator of this hilarious website called Unhappy Hipsters gives his own delightfully snide captions to the --- well, if you like it, you like it, to each his own, but --- to the minimalist modern architecture photos found in several design magazines.

He also runs a caption contest on occasion (not, I don't think, at the moment), so you'll sometimes see duplicate postings of the same photo with various reader-supplied captions, but there are more new ones as you page back.


Sherwood Harrington said...

Having spent now way, way too much time on that link, I'm convinced of two things:

1) Mom should charge rent to the guy who's writing those captions, and

2) he's pretty much brilliant, but I can't figure out a way in which he can turn his talents into cash.

Ronnie said...

Ruth - thank you for this link, I think. Like Sherwood, I've spent far too much time on it. Who lives in those truly dead one I want to know...

ronnie said...

I think this is the definition of both "painfully funny" and "internet timesink".

I live it when I find a new distraction on the innerwebs! This is the most arch site I've been directed to (thanks, Ruth) since "Things White People Like".