Friday, November 06, 2009

Frost warning

We've got a frost warning for tonight, so I harvested the last of the crops for this year. Peppers were my only success, though Larry's garden did better. This last batch didn't get very big, as you can see by the basic teaspoon, but they'll enhance a veggie pizza quite nicely!


Christy said...

They look delicious! Small, but delicious. My daughter's already talking about our garden for next year - at least I have seven months to mentally prepare.

ronnie said...

Taking the last of the veggies out of the garden?!? Land's sakes. It's been 0 to -6C (32-21F)overnight here for a few weeks now. At lease we haven't had our first snowstorm of the season yet - Nova Scotia, next door, just did. I envy you southerners!