Friday, July 10, 2009

Then it got interesting

Nude. By C. Cosentino

I was up very early shoveling garden dirt, my muscles are sore, I was tired, and I was not in the mood to go to Brookgreen Gardens, or anywhere, but Larry wanted to photograph a particular sculpture, so I decided to fight my general unenthusiasm, take my camera and come along.

A bright, sunny day is actually lousy for picture-taking in Brookgreen. Very little shows to advantage when its own textures are overpowered by sun-dappling. so I didn't fire up the camera in the gardens. But on our way back out, we stopped at the current sculpture show in the indoor gallery and there I found some cool stuff to photograph.
Background: Girl with Sweater. By B. Lucchesi
Foreground: WPA Guitar Girl. By N. Kaz.

Only something was very wrong. The LCD window on my camera blacked out. I could shoot, but I could not see what I was shooting until after I took a picture. Then I would get a playback.

There's a little viewfinder, but -- just to add one more obstacle! -- I was looking at this whole indoor sculpture show through very dark prescription sunglasses, because they were all I'd brought. With the glasses, the view in the finder was too dark and without them, it was too blurry.

I know! I know! 8~) Keep reading.

So to distract myself from freaking out over whether my camera was broken, I decided to play around with shooting through pure guesswork. And that is when things got interesting! No lengthy setups. No framing or fine-tuning. Just click click click, then see what got captured.

Many shots are just what you'd expect -- weird, blurry, a corner of nothing identifiable. But some were pretty cool anyway so here they are -- each picture in this post is exactly as I shot it. Sized down, but not sharpened, cropped, or contrast-manipulated in any way!

This photo is the biggest disappointment because you get no sense at all of the guy's facial expression. The title is Trust. Sculptor: LeaAnn Cogswell. He looks like he's scowling, but he's actually looking sideways and is very worried about something.

[Correction]: Girl with Dark Eyes, by S. Layne.

Projection. By R. Reutimann.

Sumo Wrestling Toads. By S. Worthington

Once we got back outside I kept it up and did some garden scenery too.

Here (below) is Larry rescuing a large grasshopper, which you can't see because it's now under the leaves.

And yes, I figured out what had happened to my camera. Stuffing it into my purse pushed a button I never use. "DISP." Apparently you can turn the display off. Why anybody would want to, I have no idea, but it sure was a relief to push it again and have the display reappear!


Ronnie said...

Brookgreen Gardens always a treat.

Sherwood Harrington said...

Oh, Ruth, these are exquisite all on their own, but, when we know the backstory, they are astonishing! My personal favorites, right now, are the toads and the live oaks, but that will change tomorrow, and change again the day after that.

I don't remember there being an indoor gallery in the 60's when my parents and I visited Brookgreen regularly. Your images of the gallery give me yet another reason to keep a return visit to Brookgreen on my informal "bucket list."

My son, Adam, has been working with a permanently-disabled camera (in the same way as yours was temporarily) for many months now, and has captured some wonderful, wonderful images with it. (He dropped it into a swimming pool, which fried the LCD, and the little viewfinder isn't real great.) He took one of my favorite pictures of all time with it:

Maybe we don't need the viewfinders or the LCD's, eh? Heed the force, maybe?

Anyway, please convey my thanks to Larry for convincing you to go the Brookgreen even though you might not have wanted to. The results here are wonderful.

ronnie said...

These are absolutely amazing photos. I love them, especially knowing how they were taken!

Sherwood, the photo of Grace is incredibly beautiful. Reminiscent of Botticelli indeed!

Catherine said...

Amazing what we can do when we stop second-guessing ourselves and just go with what we feel! These are truly terrific photos. I especially love the nude and the shot of the trees with the spanish moss. Lovely!

Christy said...

Beautiful pictures, Ruth. The outdoor one of the trees is stunning. Thanks for sharing.