Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ruth ... is Twitter-impaired

... is just no good at this quick-line thing. I either want to write some longwinded Meaningful Essay, or to accumulate the brief updates and post them in a big batch. It's kind of the same thinking that created the Variety Pack as a marketing device. Packaging a statement with a collection of other statements means any one reader is more likely to find something interesting in it. I'm also just no good at expressing even brief thoughts in 140 characters.

... and Larry had our 12th anniversary on April 25th, but spent it at a cousin's wedding and didn't do anything for our own until yesterday, which was a day-trip to Charleston, SC, lunch at Earth Fare, and a couple of hobby store stops. (189 characters. Disallowed.)

... bought a couple puzzles to play with and work kinks out of her brain. The tangram puzzle is kind of fun.

... found out weeks ago that my novel didn't make the next contest level, but had to wait another month to get the reader reviews, and can now fix some things in it. And found some of the entries that did make the semi-finals so appalling that I don't feel too bad about being out. Which is possibly a case of Sour Grapes that means I'm rather immature. (283 characters. Error.)

... wishes it would storm. It keeps clouding, rumbling, and then clearing, without raining. We need it badly.

... wishes that the alarming number of friends I have who need jobs would get good ones where their knowledge and skills are appreciated.

... didn't know that the metal titanium was actually found in nature. I thought it was a manmade substance. Yeah, really. I discovered this by happening across an eBay listing for a book on mining titanium ore. (170 characters. Fail.)

... wonders why the Farm Town game on Facebook does not offer a gate for the barnyard fence. I mean, what good is a fence that has no gate??

... thinks maybe I'm too involved in Farm Town.

... thinks M&Ms Premiums were invented just to torment me.

... finds having to refer to herself in the 3rd person in order to match her status statement up with the 3rd person default intro is ridiculous, and notices that nobody else does it either. (153 characters. Hang it up!)

... is going to get offline and clean up her office now.


Mike said...

The Variety Pak (gotta spell it that way, I think) analogy is good. You have these attractive little bundles of not-enough, kind of like the joke about Weight Watcher frozen dinners -- Hey, three or four of those make a pretty good meal!

I have enough trouble making a 20-minute presentation. Working in 140 characters seems pretty unlikely.

Dann said...

And to think I complained when they cut the letters to the editor down to 300 words....

Sherwood Harrington said...

Re: fences without gates (yes, another Ireland vacation anecdote) -

When Diane and I spent our day on Inishmore, our guide pointed out a curious thing about the little square plots into which the pastureland there is divided: the stone walls that demark them have no gates. When a cow is to be moved from one plot to another, or out into the road, the farmer simply takes apart a little bit of the stone wall, moves the cow, and then piles the stones back up again. Makes some sense, I suppose, on the Aran Islands where timber and metal are rare, but rocks are everywhere.

I'm sorry... was that more than 140 characters?

ronnie said...

Ronnie... simply says CONGRATULATIONS on the 12th anniversary. Husband and I forget our anniversary every year - which we think is a good thing. We've been together forever, and will be, forever. Dates are signposts - but life is what keeps happening, yeah?

Anniversaries, Valentine's Day - these are for amateurs. The real deal is if you love each other - and say so - every day.