Monday, April 06, 2009

"Only" a weed

No matter how hard I try to be grouchy in the morning, it's difficult when Larry starts my day by handing me a pretty bouquet.

Linaria canadensis, AKA: Toadflax.

This common, beautiful "weed" is all over the yard and on days like this, I crave a camera that would do really good closeups. Each flower is perfection, yet smaller than a baby lima.

Here's my artificially enhanced, and still lousy, closeup:

but for a good look, go here.


Sherwood Harrington said...

"Toadflax." I'd never heard of it, but I love the name. Has sort of a Richard Adams sound to it, doesn't it?

Oh, and that Larry guy: if he keeps that sort of thing up, he's going to make the rest of us husbands look bad.

Christy said...

Nice job, Larry! And the picture aren't nearly as bad as you think!