Sunday, October 05, 2008

Don't let the calendar regulate your activities!

Great example of the classic comic strip style ad. From Better Homes and Gardens magazine, April, 1937. This really is the complete ad. And two interesting things jump out at me: the product itself is not shown; nor is the pharmaceutical company named.

Bayer owns the brand now but other ads at Mum (a website full of "OMG I remember that!" moments for us females) reveal it was then offered by the General Drug Company, first as a pain reliever, then as a remedy for hiccups!


ronnie said...

The Mum site is great! Yes, lots of "Oh, I remember that!" moments.

Reminds me of when my brother, who was about nine, referred to my Seventeen magazine as "That magazine [ronniecat] reads with all the pictures of girls on horses."

I don't know why tampon manufacturers thought that horseback riding was so high on young womens' "to-do" lists - but about half the tampon ads in the 70s and 80s either depicted, or mentioned, equestrian events as an important reason to switch to tampons!

Mike said...

"Better late than never"?? I thought that issue was pretty well resolved by the time you needed Midol!