Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wood Storks

Taken today, about an hour ago. Actually, Wood Storks and a few Great Egrets hangin' out. Photos are awfully dark, but various tries resulted in these as the best ones. While tropical storm Fay is gone, we're still getting this almost-daily storm cloud buildup.

This is a favorite tree for all kinds of marsh birds, all year round. Picture 2 -- look left to see the gang, on the anvil-shaped clump of branches -- gives you an idea why. It's the perfect vantage point, allowing them to chill but view all the marsh comings and goings.


Sherwood Harrington said...

Wow, just wow. Around here, seeing just one heron in a pond or near a stream is reason for grabbing the nearest camera, snapping away, and calling one's nearest birder friend. And you had a whole tree full of them!

Also -- I think the racs term for this is "synchronicity": what are the chances that you and I would post pictures of storks on our blogs on the very same day?

ronnie said...

These are beautiful. They remind me of the herons we saw on PEI last year.

Sherwood - synchronious indeed!