Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad

56 years today.




Sherwood Harrington said...

They've got the same great smiles in both pictures! How wonderful, and congratulations from faraway California.

Christy said...

56 years - now that's a major accomplishment. Congratulations to them!

Catherine said...

WOW! Good on them!

ronnie said...

Wow! Pass our best wishes along. 56years is quite an accomplishment!

Arald said...

Wow! 56 years! That's quite an achievement! One thing is clear, Ruth's parents must be really in love! Congratulations!!

Arald (a friend of Ruth in the Netherlands)

Sophietje said...

Sweet parents of Ruth,

Congratulations with your wonderful love. It's so nice to see people can be so happy together. It really motivates me to see this kind of lasting love.
I'm not married yet. Too young and I have to finish my education first but I will take an example in your love. Just like I do with my mom's and dad's.

Congratulations and let me give you a hug in cyberspace.

Bye bye,

Sophietje from the Netherlands