Friday, February 15, 2008

Home improvement continues

These shelves come from the store that we had, but closed, a few years ago. Now that we've cleared that nice big space, we can actually use them to organize the business inventory. When somebody buys something, we're now able to, like, find it to send it to them! Hey, we're cutting edge here.

And this emptied out an upstairs bookcase -- which I now get to use! All for me!


Behold the chaos that used to be my reading area. Stacks everywhere, in a disorderly mass, from reference books, to current reading, to "No, we're not selling that, I want it," to "These just arrived and I haven't sorted them yet." Plus magazines, catalogs, CD's, and always a cat.


We moved my chair to the other side of the room and moved the disorderly mass onto shelves. By using the bookcase to partition the room, we solved another problem; now if I have insomnia, I can go out and read without my book light -- which can pretty much light up the whole house like an amusement park -- glaring into the bedroom.

Don't get me started on why the BLEEP they make these stupid book lights so blasted bright, when their whole point is to let one person read while the other's darkness is undisturbed!!?! Just don't get me started.....

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Christy said...

Very impressive, your home clean-up efforts. Gives me hope...!