Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Worth passing along

I'm a day late for this, but that's nothing new.

Yesterday was "Liar's Diary Blog Day". I liked what this blogger said about writers having every reason to help each other.

First, I can't give a personal recommendation for this novel, because I'd never heard of the author or this, her first novel, till today. I burned out on standard mysteries and thrillers awhile ago, but when something above the norm comes out I get interested. So it's in my shopping cart, and would be anyway. But the blog day effort gives me an extra incentive.

Until November anyway, author Patry Francis was living my dream. She'd spent 25 years as a waitress, but her first novel was published a year ago, to some good reviews. Yesterday was the launch date of the Plume Books paperback.

In November Francis was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. The good news is that it appears that it had not metastasized, it appears that surgery worked, and her prognosis is good.

So I'm happy to participate in this show of support for Patry Francis, and to pass it on to yall! Good wishes, prayers if you do that sort of thing, will undoubtedly be welcome, and if the book sounds interesting to any of my readers, here are places to get it:


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