Monday, December 10, 2007

Allegedly December

It's now the double digits of December, and forecasters are predicting highs of 79 tomorrow and days following. But no, this is not normal.

By now we should have had at least one frost warning. And the drought is serious, rainfall down about 25 percent for the year, and barely a sprinkle in the last 30 days.

It's warm, dry day after warm, dry day, and not exactly Christmas-y, but The Respiratory Crud is making the rounds, and you can bet we both got it. I have to admit, warm weather does make bronchitis easier to endure.

Slowly the Bradford Pear divests itself of its leaves.

Those 4 tomatoes keep growing, though the drought won't let them get very big ...

and they've been joined by 7 (!) more, marble-sized.

A chameleon seeks out a patch of sunlight.

I'll hibernate, OK? But later.

All pictures taken today, Dec 10. Except the one below, taken last night.


ronnie said...

The peace wreath is beautiful! Is it yours?

It is disturbing to see your unnaturally late winter while up here we are coping with an unnaturally early one, with off-the-record snowfalls and cold temperatures. All this unnatural weather (can any weather be said to be unnatural? I suppose patterns can certainly be abnormal) disturbs me, quite a lot... other than our own little contributions to better environmental practices, one feels very helpless in the face of it all.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Yep, the wreath is ours! I warned Larry that i was using our big wreath this year (haven't used it since '99) and what's more, that i wanted to turn it into a peace symbol. Vandalism is a real concern here, but he still loved the idea!

The weather is quite disturbing. In picking a place to settle down, we're, crazy though it might sound to some, considering climate change, and thinking about what kind of climate a given place might have in 20-30 years.