Monday, August 13, 2007

Blast from the past no. 2

More from the "things you find when you're looking for something else" files ...

Happy Birthday (in a couple days) to the bane of our 70's feminist existences, Phyllis Schlafly, born August 15, 1924.

I've saved this cartoon for 28 years. It's by Mike Peters and all I have is a photocopy, so I can't source it. It's from page 76 of something. Most likely a news magazine. The only date up there on top left is "1979c."

If anybody does not know who Phyllis Schlafly is -- she was an ardent opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment, and of feminism in general. And still is. As of this writing she's still kicking liberal ass, on most every topic. And I still disagree with her on most every topic, but you know what? Schlafly seemed extreme and outrageous to me back then, but now in the Coulter era I miss those relatively (relatively!) thoughtful reasoned days of issue-based discourse. Ya know?

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Sherwood Harrington said...

Phyllis's son, Roger, used to show up from time to time on one of the local newsgroups for the Santa Cruz, California, area, always with something stimulating to say, and usually with something irritating to say. Stimulating combination, that.

The Schlafly family website is spare aesthetically but rich in interest (and irritation) for some of us on the pinko side. Well worth a visit.